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Note : Only for those Employees of FBR having BPS 4 or above

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Please Note: It is not necessary that you have to provide  full name.
You can provide any two, three or more consecutive letters in your search criteria.

For Example:

If you want to search for the name "Fahim Khan" then you can put any fallowing searching criteria.
                   i) "him"  (string from center of searching text)
                   ii)"Fahim K"
                   iii)"Fahim Khan"
                   iv)"Fah"  Etc.
  • In case you can not find your employee Number then  Kindly  Download and fill the HRIS Performa from here.
  • After completing the Performa, Send it to the following address.

    HRIS Section,
    Room No 517,
    FBR House,
    Constitution Avenue Sector G-5/1,